Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hey :-)

Konichiwa! how are you all? so i have been very busy past few days crafting and shopping. first task i completed was decoden on my hello kitty mp3 player by giving it a diamante trim and fixing bows to the headphones. super cute. i also followed one of the delightful violet lebeaux tutorials and made myself a hime hair bow. very simple and very cute. expect photos of me wearing it very soon. i also made myself some beautiful boxes for storing my jewellery, cosmetics and hair accessories. i bought some super sweet sticky backed paper from hobbycraft that was on sale for 29p a roll. then used it to cover some old boxes a flurry of ribbon and bows transforms them into something pretty and way cheaper than going out and buying new boxes:) now for the shopping. i bought some pastel coloured earrings, a bow necklace, a bow headband, a flower headband, a ring with a huge flower on it. some doll eyes supplies - fake lashes which were just a pound from internacionale. also some black and white eyeshadow. so lots of gorgeous things and today i designed and decorated some sumptuous 3d nails. pink with silver tips covered in jewels and pearls. so so lush can't wait to wear them. and i also spruced up a pair of pumps by fixing ribbon to the edge of the shoes and attaching bows to the toe area. well that's what i've been up to. till next time. mwah!

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