Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Internet haul!!

Hey!! So i've done alot of online shopping over the past few days. I love the internet, without it I wouldn't find any of the japan related stuff that i love so much. The UK doesn't have alot of Japanese shops or stockists of Japanese things except for maybe chinese supermarkets that sell Japanese ingredients but fashionwise its non existent. So when i can afford it i love to shop online

So when i can afford it i like to stock up online. So this is what i bought-

From Ebay:

500 black rhinestones
20 strawberry cabochons
500 clear rhinestones
500 pink rhinestones
500 heart rhinestones
22m pink organza
hello kitty bag
vivienne westwood bag
hand sewing machine
20 pairs of lashes
20 ice cream cabochons
500 flower rhinestones

I chose pink!

again i went for pink!

From bodyline
Pink lolita 2 piece
pink lolita mary janes
pink beret
heart shaped handbag
Bow headband

Geo Nudy Brown 148mm circle lenses

The Hello Kitty handbag is part of a prize in a giveaway that i'll be launching on Friday so Watch this space!

Ciao for now


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