Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bonded hair extensions – info and tutorial


Many women wear weaves or hair extensions. Women use weaves to make their own hair appear fuller or to spice up their hairstyles. Although there are many ways to put extensions in the hair, the most common are sew-ins, braids, bonding and lace-fronts. Some methods, such as braids and bonding, are simple while others should be done by professionals.

Easiest Methods

Bonding and braids are the two easiest ways to add extensions to your hair. To bond the weave to your hair, you will need a bag of hair with tracks, hair glue and a parting comb. The braid method, which is also known as micro-braids, is another easy way to put a weave in your hair. Since Afro-textured hair tends to hold braids better, women of African descent use it the most often. To braid weave into your hair, you will need a bag of human hair, hair glue and a comb. With the comb, part a small section of the hair. Braid the hair for about 2 to 3 inches. To ensure the braid does not unravel, seal the ends of the braid with hair glue.

More Difficult Methods

The harder methods include sew-ins and lace-front wigs. Since these methods are elaborate, a professional should do them. With the sew-in method, the stylist will braid your hair into small corn rows. With a special hair thread and needle, she will sew hair with tracks into the corn row sections. This style usually lasts for many weeks.
The lace-front wig is another professional weaving technique. The stylist braids your real hair into corn-rows. Later, she adds glue or tape to your hairline and glues or tapes the wig's hairline to your own hairline.

Get the Most from Your Weave

To maintain your weave, use human hair instead of synthetic hair. Human hair looks more natural, is easier to style and is less likely to tangle. Just like you would with your own hair, wash and condition your weave often, but do it gently. You can also use certain weaves, such as sew-ins and lace-front style, to grow your real hair since they can allow your real hair to take a much-needed break from chemicals and everyday stress.


Quick Hair extension tutorial





This is a tutorial on how to do a quick hair extension using hair glue.
After you've followed my instructions you should have a head full of hair. It doesn't take long at all and it should last for about 2 weeks or even longer. I don't know about you but I love long hair! This is the method i use myself.

Things You'll Need:

2 packages of weft hair in whatever texture you want.

1 bottle of hair glue.


1 bottle of baby oil for safe removal of the weave.


A ponytail holder


Step 1

Pull all of your hair in a ponytail using a small ponytail holder and leave some hair out around the edges, in front of your head (where your fringe is) and on the sides, and at the crown so you can get that hump look. We want it to look realistic and not like you have a big bag of hair on your head. Once you've done that we are now going to start layering your tracks.

Step 2

Now take your track and measure going across from right to left; starting in the back right where your ear ends. Measure going across and then cut. Take that track you've just cut and lightly put glue on the weft part of the track and not on the hair part of the track. Now where you've just measured glue it in that spot. Continue this step until you get to the top and created a u shape at the top of your head. As you continue this step that's exactly what's going to happen.

Step 3

It should look like its coming from your scalp and not an unknown place.

Now instead of going across you measure the track going vertically. Now your going to measure from where your track ends to the front of your hair line. Repeat this step until you get real close to your own hair that you left out. Now with the remaining hair blend with a brush and brush it all together with a blow dryer.

Step 4

Now if you would like to remove the hair weave after you've used the hair glue. The best household item I've found to remove the glue was baby oil. Apply baby oil underneath the track and it will dissolve the glue. Remember to take your time taking the track out so you won't pull out your own hair.