Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hime Gyaru Accessories Tutorial

Hey guys! as you know accessories are a vital part of the hime gyaru look. So  wanted to do a few tutorials on some of my recent accessories projects. I love crafting i find its a lot of fun and a way of getting the hime gyaru look on a budget. I was lucky enough to receive craft supplies for my birthday back in May and i certainly put them to good use. In the future I'll probably upload pics of me wearing these lovely accessories. Lets get started.

Rose Headband


What You Need:

Gold headband
Paper roses
Wired pearls
Glue gun
Glue sticks

How to make

Bind 3 wired pearl picks to the tiara at equal distances apart.
Cut the wire stems off the paper roses, and glue to the tiara using a hot melt glue gun. Its as simple as that even an idiot like me can do it. Lol!

Pearl Bracelet


What You Need:

Silver plated beading wire
Silver clasp
8mm cream pearls
Brown organza ribbon

How to make

Measure and cut a length of beading wire, and tie one half of the clasp to one end.
Thread the pearl beads on to the wire.
Attach the other half of the clasp to the end of the string of pearls.
Finish off with a brown organza bow tied to the bracelet.

Rose hairslide


What You Need:

Large white rose
Black and white feathers
Hair comb
Glue gun
Glue sticks

How to make

Glue feathers to one end of the comb using a hot melt glue gun.
Cut the stem off a large rose and glue to the feathers at the central point of the comb.

Flower embellishment for shoes


What You Need:

Sable velvet ribbon
Round clear faceted stone
Press studs
PVA craft glue
Needle and thread

How to make

Create a running stitch along the bottom of the ribbon.
Pull to create a rosette, and stitch to hold.
Glue a stone into the centre of the rosette.
To attach the rosette to the shoe, glue or stitch one part of press stud to the back of the rosette and the other to the shoe.

Butterfly headband


What You Need:

15mm cream satin ribbon
Gold butterflies
Gold leaves
Small cream satin heart
Stick-on stone
Hot melt glue gun
Glue sticks

How to make

Using a hot melt glue gun, stick 3 small gold butterflies over the headband leaving a wide space between each.
Glue 4 small gold leaves in between 2 butterflies, then add a satin heart and stick-on stone. Repeat on the other side.

I hope you like because it took me a lot of time and effort. Any questions jus let me know :)