Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hime Gyaru Hair and Make up tutorial

Hey guys so it seems that a lot of people are interested in how to do hime gyaru hair and make up so i thought I'd do both a hair and a make up tutorial.


Make up tutorial




Apply a light concealer.

Blend this into your skin . 1 layer or 2 should do

Apply a translucent powder if your skin is naturally clear and smooth. If not apply a powder the same shade or 1 step lighter then your concealer. Once you’ve done matting your face, apply a light shimmer power or translucent shimmer over your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, maybe under your eyes if they seem dull.

Take an eyebrow brush and eyebrow pencil in a similar colour to your hair colour lightly sweep your pencil over your eyes and make an arch you like, use it until the colour in your eyebrows are blended, light and uniform. This also helps take away excess make-up.

Use a volumizing or lengthening mascara, apply several coats of this until your eyelashes are visible above your brow bone, if there are clumps, use the tooth comb on your eyebrow brush and comb through until there are no clumps.

line your eyes do it VERY thinly, try not to use too much liquid eyeliner, .Stay close to your eyelash line.VERY THIN. and flick it out at the outside corners of your eyes.

Sweep over your eyelids a nice soft pink, soft brown, optimally you can use both

Use a light pink,dusty rose on your cheeks.Smile very big and sweep these over the apples of your cheeks up to your temple. Don't over blush

Choose a very pale pink lipstick, put this on,and over top put a light bronze put a very light layer over the top of your lips, this will make your face shimmer.




Wash, condition. Blow dry straight, PIN STRAIT. Tease the roots with a teasing comb, not the hair that shows, for example your natural part. Tease under your parting, about 1 1/2 inches under your parting, you want a sleek look on top.

Tease the back following the same rules as your parting. If you’re having trouble seeing the back of your hair. Have a friend hold a mirror behind you while you’re facing another mirror or have her do it. Use some aerosol hair spray over the top of your hair liberally. Blow dry the top on low, so it gets stiff

So you have your hair height. pin up the top sections, put in some bobby pins without disturbing the hold, the longer hair you wanna use a curling iron on. Put some gel into the ends of your hair and work through. Once you’ve done this take a 1 1/2 -2 1/2 inch curling iron and curl each 1 1/2 inch piece clockwise. Hold in your hair for a minute on each strand.
do this till all the hair at the bottom is in uniform curls.

So curls are done. HAIR SPRAY LIBERALLY and wait for them to dry.
grab some clear bobby pins or black if you have fancy lacy hair pins and accessories. So, remember how i said clip back the hair from your ears up. Take that hair and pin back to about the middle or your hair, before you do this, tease again whatever you didn't curl, tease and tease until you have height. so there you have height, sweep your hair back to that point and cover the teased hair with the smooth strait hair you’ve left unitised. use your fingers while looking in a mirror to create a high bouffant, once you found a place that is comfortable and looks decent, pin down with bobby pins. If you’ve done this correctly, your hair should be high, the ends curled .If you have fringe, sweep it to the side and hair spray, if its long, use a bobby pin to to keep it in place.

So there you have it guys – a himegyaru hair and make up tutorial. What tutorials would you guys like in the future?


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