Friday, September 24, 2010

A/W 2010 Trends


60s ladylike

1950s and 1960s style clothing returns in a big way, with styles that empathise and hug the curves of the feminine figure. The look is very Mad Men. Popular styles arebelow-the-knee dresses and full skirts.rend.


Sophisticated '70s

High waists, wide legs, blouses and '70s accessories.  Eveningwear is flowing dresses in metallics, pencil skirts and 70’s style ruffle blouses.This look is about standing out being bold but feminine at the same time. Think fashion a la Charlies Angels.

Lingerie as outerwear

Its not about parading the streets in your underwear. Nor is it about dressing like a hooker. It encompasses peeks of bras and hold ups. Camisoles style vests worn as tops. You get the idea. mixing sexuality with femininity (do you see the feminine trend going on in A/W 2010). Soft lace and satins are the order of the day here.

Buttoned-up collars

Chloe Spring 2010 - 3
Whether your wearing a see through blouse, a work shirt, a shirt dress or a satin blouse the only on trend way to wear it is buttoned up. Its all about restraint and sophistication.

Lace clothing

The lace trend is around almost every season but like all the carry over trends it has evolved. Lace influences for A/W 2010, are more classic side with antique-style materials Less stretch lace and more

Knee high socks

For Autumn 2010 you'll find yourself wearing a pair of knee high socks. Or thigh high socks. From sporty to glittery, to socks over tights Channel your inner schoolgirl and rock the trend.

White tights

Bin those black tights and put on a pair of white ones. Looks great worn with girly candy coloured clothing or teamed with a sixties style shift.

Velvet clothing

Velvet you either love it or hate it; but if worn well it can look amazing. Good quality is vital, in rich shades, It can be worn for everything from trousers o dresses to jackets and hats. And who doesnt like the feel of some gorgeous velvet.

Sheer clothing

Usually a summer trend sheer items are in. Yes, we agree that sounds a little strange. The trend in 2010 mixes sophistication with sexiness (see another theme here running through alot of the A/W trends)You can mix the sheer trend with alot of the other trends. Just be careful as sheer clothing reveals all your lumps and bumps and can be quite revealing. Confidence is the key to this look.


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  2. I like the first outfit the most. Its nice to see white stockings as a trend because they are so hard t find a the moment, maybe they will be easier to get now >_<

  3. @ dolls factory - checked out your blog loving the fendi charms im following u now

    @violet yea i love the sixtis trend vintage fashion rocks. yea white tights should be come more widely available now that they're on trend :)


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