Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EkiLove webstore

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As you all know i love kawaii things. The other day i stumbled upon this site it sells a whole host of cute hair accessories, purses and gorge jewellery.

Eki has been blogging for quite a while and for some time she has also been hand making accessories and selling them online so i thought I'd do a quick overview of the site for you guys.

Each item is designed and made by eki herself.

EkiLove feature many item inspired by kawaii Hime deco Style!

All of the item are made with lots of attention and made with high quality products.


Site Layout


Easy to navigate

Sooo pretty and very pink which i love

Well laid out

Easy to understand

Products divided into categories so easy to find what your looking for




Hime clip on bows 

Can be fixed to a barrette, hair clip, hairband or hair pin. So awesome choice of accessories Smile




Vintage Hime Pouch 



ekilove handamade kawaii pouch 5



ekilove handamade kawaii pouch 2ekilove handamade kawaii pouch 3ekilove handamade kawaii pouch 4

Isn’t it gorgeous? Its lined on the inside with a pink satin like material. I want!





ekilove handamade jewelry kawaii (5)ekilove handamade jewelry kawaiiekiLove kawaii handmade royal necklaceekiLove kawaii japanese handmade jewelry 4ekiLove kawaii japanese handmade jewelry 5


This is just a selection of the lush products she has on offer and the prices are really reasonable. The only downside is that it can take up to 6 days for items to be shipped but that’s just cause she makes them by hand.

And she encloses a free gift with all orders.

Also i saw a love package she sent to someone on their blog. Gorgeous. AWWW she’s so nice i want 1 lol!!!!

So go check it out its www.ekilove.com (items sell out really quick but check back often as she regularly restocks (let me know if you order anything)

Also check out her blog @ http://ekimura.blogspot.com


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