Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hanae Mori–Japanese Style Queen

hanae mori
As many of you may have noticed despite a lot of Japanese trends being replicated by the western community Japanese catwalk designers are few and far between. Why is that? That question i can’t answer but there are some. One such designer is - Hanae Mori.
The most world famous Japanese fashion designer of all time. I first stumbled across her garments while browsing through a copy of Japanese Vogue a few months ago. She has designed outfits for royalty, operas, ballets and for JAL. She fuses western styling with Japanese influences and displayed her designed at many Paris and new york fashion weeks. Her designs are elegant, elaborate, colourful and very eye catching. Looking at her designs you can see why she became a popular choice on the catwalk.
She no longer exhibits (which i think is a shame as her designs were soo beautiful) but she still has a shop in Harajuku and she also has her own perfume range. She opened her first store in 1951 and too still have one open 50 years later is quite a feat. She will go down in history as Japan’s most prolific awe-inspiring designer and many of Japan’s new breed of designers take inspiration from and aspire to be like her. In 2008 she launched an exhibition at her gallery (the Hanae Mori gallery) to exhibit the hand crafted garments of new up and coming young designers.

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