Thursday, September 30, 2010

Incredible Japanese Beauty Gadgets

Japan is the land of the gadget so i’m gonna take you through some beauty gadgets that i’ve recently found out about Smile

Beauty Voice Trainer

Ever wanted to change your voice to a more feminine tone? This contraction helps re-position the tongue to change the tone of your voice. Apparently it can also help change you into a good singer. No idea if it works but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it did?

Anti wrinkle glasses

Apparently wearing these for just 5 minutes a day pushes your skin back to its original position to rid you of wrinkles around the eyes. Lol!!

Waist shaping cushion

this product is designed for you to lie on and its claimed that it tightens stomach muscles thus giving you the perfect waist shape.

Bottom shaping cushion

From the same company that made the waist shaping cushion. This time it claims to give you the perfectly shaped derriere.

Facial exercise mask

Very odd looking contraption that apparently tightens up the cheek muscles to rid you of droopy cheeks and give you a slimmer looking face.

healing hands massager

Vibrating plastic mould shaped like two hands which you lay on and it massages your head. Perfect when you have a headache and need some light relief.

Bath ball water cleaner

Put this little cute ball into your bath and it absorbs all the dirt that comes off when washing your body and hair and keeps your bath water clear and clean. Genius!

Bath bomb maker

i soo want this one. You know those bath bombs that they sell at Lush that fizz in the water and release fragrance and skin softening agents. Well now you can make your own. Ingenious. Japan has all the best gadgets don’t you think?


  1. These are awesome
    Here from Talkative Thursday Blog Hop, Have a Great Day :)

  2. Wow, interesting stuff! I had no idea there was a market for some of these gadgets.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Father Geek

  3. YAY! Comments are back on! So I love this post, seriously, def very informative!
    So i am so bummed I did not make it over to Camden! You are so right, I needed like another week to get to see everything. It is so hard bc there is so much to see and I had to get my shopping in! I did get some leather shorts at Topshop, I am SO EXCITED!!
    Have fun in London on Saturday!!!

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