Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Circle lenses review - EOS Max in Violet

I've wanted some purple circle lenses for quite some time. so when MukuCHU offered to send me some to review i jumped at the chance.

So here's what they looked like in their vials :

A lovely light purple colour. 

How my eye normally look

With lenses in :)


The enlargement is amazing. as you can tell. i have naturally large eyes but these make my eyes look even bigger. The colour is very vibrant i thought with my very dark eyes that the colour wouldnt be very vibrant but as you can tell thats not the case. They actually look a deep purple. Im very impressed. 


These were super comfy i forgot i was wearing them after a few minutes as they felt just like my natural eye. No irritation or redness.


These arrived packed well to make sure they arrived in one piece and they came with a pink lens case. She does other lens cases too. I love her hello kitty ones :)

So as you can tell. I love these lenses i would definitely recommend these (actually my sister who used to be anti circle lenses wants some after seeing me wear these)

You can find MukuCHU's lenses here

disclaimer: these lenses were provided for me to review but all opinions stated are my own and truthful. 

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