Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mikhail Gkinis - One designer to watch

Mikhail Gkinis is head designer at japanese fashion house Aptform.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. Mikhail started off studying marketing, graduating in 1996. But went on to completing a fashion degree at the prestigious London College of Fashion. He then interned in the menswear department of Issey Miyake. In 2006 he moved from Europe to Japan and in 2008 he started the label Aptform debuting at Japan Fashion Week.

He describes his concept as creative and confident. He fuses together his Greek and Japanese influences to create very unique collections for both men and women. He utilizes high quality Japanese materials with traditional Japanese methods of outfit composition.

He is heavily influenced by the Bauhaus Art movement - "Form follows function". He says he's using clothing as a medium to communicate with the rest of humanity.

This designer is definitely one to watch.

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