Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten Fabulous Japanese Designers

1.  Issey Miyake

2. Yohji Yamamoto

3. Comme de Garcons

4. Kenzo

5. Hanae Mori

6. Keita Maruyama

7. Kawakubo Rei

8. Limi Feu

9. Nigo

10. Junko Yoshioko

They are my ten favourite Japanese fashion designers.

Who's your favourite?



  1. I am so glad you posted this. I don't know many Japanese designers at all, so this is super. It's not really a DESIGNER, but I adore www.tokyorebel.com. They have a lot of different Japanese clothing labels and brands.

    Also, I like your new layout a lot! I adore Wordpress. It's nice that you can plan your posts ahead and save drafts and stuff. Looks great!

  2. awww thx :) yea i am loving wordpress soo much more :) xx

  3. ok, it is not a designer per se, but Hysteric Glamour. I love their things.

  4. hysteric glamour does awesome truly unique items :) xxx

  5. I love Hanae Mori, I have one of her kimono collection pieces. Its a stylish Komon style with purple eiffel towers on a baby pink backgroud with silver threads weaving in and out of the fabric, it can be worn as a yukata too depending on the type of obi and accessories you put with it.

  6. ooo u should put a pic of it n ur blog xx i soo wanna hanae mori piece her items are 2 die for xx


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