Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Things I Want To Do The Year I Turn 30

Turning 30!!!

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Yes that’s right this year I will be turning the dreaded 3-0. I know I know its hard to believe that time is near due to my youthful look but in less than 5 months I will hit the big 3-0. I really thought by the time I turned 30 I would have accomplished more of my aims and be settled into a career but life has a habit of throwing up surprises and twists and turns. I have decided though that there are certain things I want to do and learn in my 30th year on this earth. Soo I’ve made a list and as I complete them I will be crossing them off. I hope by the end of the year I will have crossed them all off. So here’s what I hope to accomplish this year (wish me luck)!!

1. To attend london fashion week for the 1st time

(I have 3 invites for shows at next months LFW so i’m well on my way to crossing off this one)                                                                                   2. Find love.
3. Visit Nyc (planned for Sept)
4. Visit Tokyo.
5. Decorate my house.
6. Learn to drive.
7. Quit smoking.
8. Do a freelance journalism course.
9. Learn at least the basics of japanese.
10. Take a photography course.
11. Be braver with my fashion choices.
12. Conquer my shyness.
13. Take the kids to Disneyland Paris.
14. Do my first Vlog.
15. Get another tattoo.
16. Attend a blogging conference.
17. Read Shakespeare's hamlet.
18. Go on a girly weekend away.
19. Start growing my own vegetables.
20. Learn to design and make my own jewellery.
21. Go watch Man U play.
22. Attend an antiques fair.
23. Learn css and html.
24. Grow my UK fashion bloggers network.
25. See a NYFW show.
26. Take up yoga again.
27. Interview a designer.
28. Wear 5 inch heels without feeling self conscious.
29. Return to the world of work.
30. Get back to drawing manga style.

Is anyone else reaching a milestone age this year?


  1. That's quite a substantial list, I loved the picture by the way it made me laugh with the speech bubble. I'll be hitting 27 in April which is quite scary when I think about it, I seem to be hurtling towards 30 at a fast rate and as you said not really achieved as much as I had aimed for. I guess I need to make this year count!


  2. ahh 27 how i wish i was still that young :)

  3. Ooh nice list, best of luck with achieving these before your next birthday :) I didn't know that you weren't able to drive! There's so much that I want to do too and I hope that I am able to achieve a lot of them before I reach a certain age. I don't know whether to classify this as a milestone or not but I will be turning 18 this year, which is the 'legal' age in Australia and also in other parts of the world. It'll be pretty exciting but I don't have anything that I want to achieve before I turn that age :) More like there are things that I want to do once I turn 18 haha!

  4. Be healthy, and happy

  5. Girl, it only gets BETTER at 30. You know the saying...30 is the new 20!! LOL

  6. That is quite a list. Good Luck. I hope you are able to do and find everything on that list. I have one more year before I reach that milestone :)

  7. Thankyou hun you too :)

  8. Yes 18 is a big milestone :)

  9. Thanks tanvi me too. :)

  10. Wow, that's a corker of a list! Turning 30 isn't that awful actually and you'll probably find that you'll look at life from a slightly different perspective... all the things that mattered to you/bothered you etc.

    Anyhoos, stay healthy and happy girl! Congrats on getting tickets for LFW - you'll have a blast for sure! Make sure hit the static shows (the tent) and see if you can score some private sales with the designers (way cheaper than buying retail price!).


  11. I hope ou manage to get everything done before you turn 30! All the items on the list seem doable, I'm sure you'll get there! :)

  12. Big list! Such a cool idea, I'd love to do several of the things on here. In full support of all of them, particularly 28, 21, 18, 12, 10, 7, and 3 :)

    Good luck, and happy early birthday! Keep us posted on the progress!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  13. Girl congrats on the big 3-oh. Seriously. It is a good time for you to be 30. You still have your looks, and I found at age 30 you get comfy in your own skin. You like who you are.
    You have drive, talent and ambition. You are poised on the brink of success. I hope you are up for it, because with your sites set, you are destined to make it.

    I root for you from the bleachers. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  14. that is a great list you have there babe!!! I wish you all the best with that..I know you can actually achieve that...well I do have my own lists but so far...I am still good...


  15. Big congrats to reaching the big 3-0 with such flawless style!
    My Mac still wont let me visit your site, so i decided to take advantage of my man's pc and pay you a visit.
    All of your objectives are do-able so go get them!! xxxx

  16. Ah such a big year and so many wonderful goals to accomplish. I love your determination girl. I'll be turning 23 this year and I also have a list of things I will accomplish this year.....cheeers to us reaching our goals. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  17. I made a list like this when I was 17. I update it every three months or so. :)

  18. Everything gets better with age my dear! such a nice scroll of a list though! Congrats, and wishing you the best with checking all of these off your wonderful list! :)


  19. I haven't reach 30 yet but I really wish I would do so soon. My boyfriend has already reached his milestone and we are 9 years apart. :(

    OT: Followed you at Google Connect and liked your Facebook fanpage. Hope you do the same for me. :)

  20. Such a great list! I did the same thing, four years ago, when I turned 30! :) good luck with your goals!!!!


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