Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guest Blogger–Ellie Nicole

Today I’m bringing you something a bit special. A guest post by American blogger Ellie Nicole. I love her style and I hope you will too.

‘My personal style cannot be limited to just one title. It has never been "girly-chic" or "urban." After moving to New York City, I saw my style being inspired by the city itself. The dark buildings, contrasted with the graffiti taking over the city came through in my clothing. I love sticking to basic colors--you know, blacks, browns, nudes, and adding eclectic pieces (I guess that's where the graffitied walls come in!) Most of my outfits are very comfort oriented (which I can blame on growing up in the laid-back atmosphere of Florida). Beside gathering inspiration from the city I love, I'm very inspired by fashion blogs such as Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes. To check out more of my style, visit!’

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Isn’t she awesome. Also she’s an entrant in Refinery 29’s star style blogger contest. So vote for her please. Just go to Refinery 29’s style blogger page, find her picture (the same one as above) and click the heart button to vote! Note: You must be logged into Facebook. Lets make this happen!

And show her some comment love  hope you guys will love her just as much as I do!


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