Monday, January 31, 2011

Publish Your Blog on Kindle in 5 Easy Steps


I recently added my blog to the amazon kindle network to allow my readers to view my blog on their kindle if they so wish. So i thought I'd do a little guide to what’s involved here.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs allows you to sign up and submit your blog feed. Amazon then converts this feed into a kindle-readable layout.

The main benefits to the blogger is a little added revenue and the fact that more readers will become aware of your blog as you can enter keywords which amazon users can search on. Kindle subscribers pay a small fee to gain access to your blogs which is usually $1.99 per month, the negative is that this fee is fixed (I wish it was free). Amazon takes 70% of this fee and the blogger retains 30%.

It’s free to join just visit the Kindle Publishing for Blogs page and create an account. So what’s stopping you?

Once you’ve created an account follow the following steps :


Click on ‘Your Blogs’ – its along the top of the page on the right hand side.


Then click on ‘Add Blog’ that's the one with the green cross next to it.


This is the screen that will be displayed next. Fill in the url of your blogs feed in the top field. Then click validate feed and a green tick will show underneath to show that your feed has been added successfully. Then fill in the other fields – blog title, tagline, blog description, your name, add a screenshot of your blog and one of your blog header, add keywords that kindle users can utilise to search for your blog. Press save and then click publish at the bottom.


To complete the process fill in your contact details and choose whether to add an account or be paid by cheque. FYI. only US users can be paid electronically all international users must be paid by cheque.

Then click publish and that’s it. It’ll take about 48 hours to be activated but it really is that simple!


  1. Fantastic post for those who needs help. I would like to try but shame im in Australia
    lee x

  2. its international lol it will still work in Oz :)

  3. Seriously....this is wayyyyyy cool...thanks for sharing:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  4. I thought others might find this post useful :)

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  6. Yeah this is a really useful post, I would have never have even thought about kindle as a platform for reading blogs. I'm definitely going to sign up I hope the keywords search is good though.

    Twitter: @arashmazinani

  7. I think I will rather wait and see how you are getting on. Do tell me in a few months ...

  8. Sounds like a great idea...I wonder though, if this gives amazon the rights to use parts of your blog for promotion. Would have to check the small print.

    Thanks for publishing the instructions, that's really helpful :-)


  9. you are BEYOND awesome for sharing this....thanks so much!

  10. I am so going to sign up my blog and see what happens!! Thanks for this guide :)

  11. wow great info, i had no idea about this! please do a follow up soon and let us know how its working for you!

    Beneath the Glass

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