Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

uk beauty blog

Inspired by the always inspiring Gala Darling who has invited readers to take part in things I love Thursday where they share things they are loving at the moment I have compiled a list of things I am loving this Thursday.

uk beauty blog

uk beauty blogKenzo’s pre-fall collection uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog Fashion week excitement uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog Hello Kitty uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog My kids uk beauty blog

star Ultra pretty cupcakes uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog Coral lipstick uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog Fashion illustrations uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog High heeled boots and shoes star

uk beauty blog Meeting bloggers in person uk beauty blog<img style= Faux leather trousers uk beauty blog

uk beauty blog Discovering new independent jewellery lines star

star Fuwa fuwa clay star

star Sketching my shoe designs in my new moleskine notebook star

star Chiffon star

star Vintage shops star

star Faux leather shorts star

star Seeing the sunshine at last star

star Sushi star


  1. High heeled boots and shoes , Meeting bloggers in person - Always on my list too :)

  2. Am I crazy or do leather shorts just seem practical? And hella stylish!

  3. I love Hello Kitty!! Cute post- I like the concept!

  4. if you like hello kitty you should check our rilakkuma :)

  5. i'm loving meeting other bloggers its so much fun :)

  6. they are practical and soo stylish and a lil bit sexy lol. I only wear faux leather tho :)

  7. I'm really in the mood for cupcakes or just pretty pastries in general. :) Your post just heightened my desire to a new level.

    Hope you are having a lovely Monday dear.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - Style musings of a Bengali girl from Toronto, Canada

  8. Love moleskins as well! They're the best little journals to carry with you. Great list, I love seeing what other bloggers love :)

    Thank you for the sweet comment.

  9. We love a lot of the same things!!! I love sketching my designs, LOVE HIGH HEELS & always will. Can't beat vintage shopping, totally excited about FASHION WEEK!!! I have been having a cupcake attack for 2 weeks I totally love it


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