Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Soul–Just As the Name Suggests


As most of you know I’m a huge fan of Nicola Woods eco fashion label Beautiful Soul. It’s hardly surprising though with the Japanese flavour running through her collections. Due to her designs being constructed from vintage kimono material. She creates truly one of a kind timeless items to treasure forever. The kind of garments you could pass down through families due to her exquisite craftsmanship.

Beautiful Soul is well known for its eco credentials. Nicola is very careful to keep the brand ethical especially when sourcing fabric and she carefully considers the construction processes and how they effect the environment. All collections are made in London, no third world sweatshop use here.

Along with the ever prevalent kimono material that runs through her collections she also utilises sustainable organic fabrics. Every last scrap of material is put to good use with remnants used for decorative detailing and to fasten the garment. Each garment is multi function too.

Beautiful Soul’s high profile fans include (but not limited to) Samantha Cameron, Kate Nash and Lily Cole.

Now usually I would show some photos of the current collection but in this instance I'm going to show you a video entitled ‘believe’ which is a short film showcasing her S/S 2011 collection. Moving image is a much better way of showing the beauty of the clothes as you can actually see how they move and the shape of the garments better than any photo ever could. This film is a collaboration between Beautiful Soul, photographer Oliver Prout, singer Gabby Young and illustrator Zarina Liew. Enjoy!




Beautiful Soul garments can be bought here


  1. Aaargh, my computer is shit and shockwave keeps crashing so i can't watch the video! But I am intrigued by the kimnono material, so I'll click through to her website!

  2. there are so many things I love here...the new layout the posts and the colors...everything looked so organized and eye candy....



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