Thursday, March 17, 2011

Introducing……..Six Magazine

I’m excited. Really, really excited. I’ve long been searching for an online magazine covering ethical fashion that didn’t seem like it was aimed at middle aged women (there’s nothing wrong with being a middle aged woman, but I'm not yet middle aged). Now I've finally found it. Six magazine launches next week and I couldn’t be happier. It’s about time there was a modern, cutting edge online magazine for those of us dedicated to living a more ethical life without sacrificing style.
SIX was founded with one aim - to celebrate the designers, individuals, independent brands and companies who are creating a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry.

We stand for slow fashion, respect for clothes and those who created them, and the return to individuality.

SIX magazine heralds the way all fashion should be.
It represents the sixth sense we all have: style and value.

SIX. Sense. Fashion.

Now this is the kind of magazine I’d love to contribute for and read of course uk beauty blog six magazine
Six magazine’s website is here. First issue coming soon.


  1. This sounds like an awesome magazine!

  2. Thanks for the tip, will bookmark these guys and check them out.
    I'm so glad I can FINALLY read your blog, it's been unavailable to me for weeks and I had no clue why. Happy to read you again xxxx

  3. Hey! I just wanted to say that it's really cool to see someone write about ethical fashion which is not only really important right now but also really popular. And what's great is not only the emphasis on fair trade, but also the concept of recycling by using vintage. Good stuff. I don't know if you went to the SIX launch last night but it was actually pretty cool night and I think that SIX will be a great magazine to follow. Thanks for the article!


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