Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Appeal–Ways to Donate

You would have to be hiding under a rock recently to not know of the devastation that has hit Japan with the country attacked by a huge earthquake and the resulting tsunami. With 10,000+ people estimated to be dead so far and the number rising its one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit Japan. My love for the country is well known and the sympathy I feel for the people who’ve lost loved ones and lost their homes and communities is immense.

If like me you want to help by donating there are many ways to do it. One of the best ways is to donate through the red cross and you can click on the banner in my sidebar to be taken straight to the donation page.

Some retailers are also donating art of their profits from sales which means you can shop knowing that your playing your part. I’ve listed the ones I know of below and of course if you know of any others add them in the comments.

Awesome Etsy seller Tokyo Tombola is donating 25% of all sales to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal for the whole of March. You can visit her store here.


Steppie sell super cute Japanese kawaii style clothing and they are donating 50% of sales to the appeal. click here to check them out.

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Blogger extraordinaire Eki is donating 75% of all sales this week to the appeal. She makes the most girly and ultra feminine jewellery and hair accessories and you can find her shop here

Master jeweller Maggie Angus who creates some truly original and stylish jewellery is donating 30% of all sales on Wednesday 16th March to the appeal and her shop can be found here

Authors for Japan are auctioning off a whole host of book related goodies including signed books, £200 worth of teen fiction and for all you budding authors a chapter critique from a well respected published author. All the details can be found here

Lady Gaga has kindly designed a bracelet to raise funds and it’s only $5 it includes the words pray for Japan in both English and Japan and it can be purchased through her web store here

Last but certainly not least vintage store Decades Past which is run by fashion blogger Christina of Profresh Style is donating a whopping 50% of all sales to the Japan appeal. Visit the store here

Remember if you know of any others add them in the comments.


  1. Just discovered super cute store Steppie who sell Japanese kawaii style clothing. They are donating 50% of all sales.

  2. [...] I am sure you all know how to get in touch with the Red Cross to donate, but I also wanted to share this post by Faye over at She has rounded up links several online shops who are donating large [...]

  3. Thanks for this post, I have been wondering how best to donate ...these are wonderful xx

  4. Thanks so so much for posting - - I hope everybody does everything they can possibly do you help out. Love love love

  5. Fantastic post... I donated via medicines sans frontieres :)

  6. Thanks for rounding all that up for us!

  7. Hi Fuyume!
    Have you heard of Socks for Japan? An organization based in Sano, that is asking for new socks from all over the world, along with a care letter (written in Japanese, if possible), to be sent to them. They are bringing the socks + care letters directly to the survivors in the many temporary shelters in the area. Check out their site here:

    to learn more about it!
    After donating money to the Red Cross and Save the Children, I also sent 38 pairs of socks to Socks for Japan, got my son's school to have a sock drive (receiving 450+ pairs!), and it was covered in my local newspaper.

    Please check it out!
    I truly hope that your friends were not affected by the disasters there.


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