Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vivienne Westwood - 'This is not Charity, This is Work'

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I've spoken a little bit before about Vivienne Westwoods involvement in ethical fashion through her footwear collection but she recently also launched a range of bags that were made by hand in Kenya in conjunction with The Ethical Fashion programme.

The Ethical Fashion programe is one I support and admire whole heartedly. It helps women (over 7000 of them actually) who currently inhabit some of the worst poverty stricken areas imaginable to improve their lives by giving them a chance to learn a trade and gain work in the process. Its a campaign that bids to not only change their own lives but the lives of the whole community.

uk beauty blog vivienne westwood


The three bags in the VW collection were made by recycling roadside ad signs and safari tents. They were crafted by hand by Kenyan women from often shunned parts of the African community including HIV/AIDS sufferers, single mothers and women living in the most extreme levels of poverty.

I applaud Westwoods involvement in such a worthwhile cause but as she puts it - 'It's not charity it's work' and she is so right. These women have learnt craft skills that they can continue to put to good use in starting their own businesses and improving their local community by passing on these skills to others.

The bags retail at £100 and are available from http://viviennewestwood.co.uk


  1. Lovely bags and I so agree - definitely not charity! So glad to see VW behind those women!

  2. Excellent, I love this teach a woman to fish philosophy. Giving people a fair wage and work conditions is part and parcel of being an environmentalist. You can't have one without the other.

  3. Hi sweets, thank you so much for sharing! This is amazing, I love that the delectable and inspiring Ms. Westwood is walking the walk with such a good example. Happy belated womens day!

    Hugs xx

    xx Anika

  4. I agree and now if she'd only make a sustainable collection i'd be a happy girl :)

  5. now if only more designers would get involved xx

  6. exactly its so much better to give them skills they can actually use :)


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