Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Best Blackberry Apps for Bloggers

A lot has been said and written about the variety of apps that are useful for bloggers who possess an IPhone but often the humble blackberry is overlooked. Most of us know that the BB is brilliant for keeping up with our emails an social networks but it doesn’t end there. There are a whole variety of apps that are of great assistance to us as bloggers and in this post I’m going to share some of my favourites.



Viigo’s news and rss channel is brilliant for on the go blog reading and works much the same as an online reader programme. If you already subscribe to blogs via Google Reader, Bloglines or My Yahoo then these can  easily be migrated in to your Viigo so you can read your favourite blogs on the go.

It also lets you share posts as the app provides the ability to share with just one click.



Ever had a great blog idea while out and about but nothing to write it down on? Well this nifty little app will solve the problem. It lets you add notes, snapshots, audio recordings and upload files so it needn’t be a problem again. It has the added benefit in that you can access all your notes from your BB or from the internet and it’s searchable too.

Wordpress for Blackberry


Wordpress for Blackberry is a godsend.It lets you write posts, read, reply and approve comments.View your stats, add and edit pages and even add media. It is the next best thing to accessing wordpress on your computer. I find it very useful for approving and replying to comments on the go.



A lot of bloggers have accounts on tumblr too. I know I do. Some even use it as their main blogging platform. this little app lets you post text, photos and video to you tumblr microblog easily and quickly.  So useful for all those times you’ve snapped a pic on your phone that you’d love to share immediately. So simple to setup and use too.



Foursquare is rapidly gaining popularity with bloggers as my twitter timeline bares witness to. It allows you to share your location and ‘check in’ but I find it most useful for sharing your favourite shops and places in a particular place. The Blackberry app for four square is so easy to navigate and operates pretty quickly and if you like the web version you’ll love this.



Ubersocial is a twitter client that is probably the app that I use most often on my Blackberry and it was one of the first I downloaded. There are of course quite a few twitter apps on the blackberry but this one offers all the services that you’d get on the web version including url shortening, the sharing of photos and videos, access to list, saved searches and the option to add your location to your tweets.

So there you have it. This is my collection of some of the most useful apps for bloggers that exist for the Blackberry. All of them can be found by searching in the Blackberry App World. The one thing that is sorely missing is an app for Blogger. It seems Google are well behind the other blogging platforms in this respect. It’s a shame as so many people use Blogger for their blogs but hopefully they’ll add one soon. If you can think of any great BB apps just add them in the comments.


  1. OH MY GAWSH!!! I've been looking for a bberry reader forever!!! Seriously!!! I use mobile rss on my itouch, but since it only works with wifi it's not the greatest on the go since it loads up to 50 posts per folder. THIS IS A LIFE CHANGER!!! Thank you!

  2. Great post! Now I have one more reason to move my blog to wordpress! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I have had a blackberry for a long time but I never looked into doing more than twitter and email.

  3. You are a godsend! I'm downloading Viigo right now!

  4. Excellent post! I have an iPhone, though my work mobile is a blackberry...Thank you for putting this helpful post together.
    -xxoo :)

  5. great post my dear!!!! I personally love my blackberry...and I am happy that you were able to post some useful apps for our phones...


  6. Thanks so much! I own a Blackberry myself and find a litle difficult having useful applications as a blogger! I've recently discovered Wordpress application, and it's great! Especially for deleting spam comment, which is a real sore! I'm gonna try Evernote though! I use the blackberry activities application and it's not so handy! For the Tumblr application.. it gives me some problems! Sometimes it doesn't load more than a page! I've recently upgradated os so I'm gonna try again if it works better now! Thanks again for the post! Isometimes feel lonely as a BB user in this Iphone world ahah!

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  8. thank you so much! I have a blackberry and find it difficult choosing what apps are good! xox

  9. Your very welcome I'm glad you found it useful :)


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