Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Back - Introducing Miss Malaprop

So after my brief hiatus I'm now back in the blogging groove. I've missed blogging so I'm glad to be back. The magazine and UKFB are now both up and running so go check them out ( and

Now lets get back to business so to speak. Today I'd like to introduce you to blogger and eco conscious shop owner Miss Malaprop. Many of you within the blogging community may already be aware of this lovely lady and her delightful blog which explores all kinds of craft related goodness but she also runs an amazing online shop.

This talented lady has been blogging since 2006 and her shop is an extension of her blog. You’ll find handmade, eco-friendly products and the range is immense. She stocks gifts, home products, accessories, clothing, jewellery and beauty goodies.

Most of the products are either made by local artists, handmade, organic, upcycled, upcycled or recycled. This shop truly is ethical and eco conscious and its apparent that the lady behind it has the same values and aims as myself - promoting and spreading the word about ethical fashion and these are some of the reasons i adore Miss Malaprop and hope you will too.

The world needs more shop owners like her. As you all know ethical fashion is close to my heart and it's lovely to meet others who feel the same.

Now take a look at some of my favorite items:


You really should pay Miss Malaprop a visit at both her Blog and Shop.


  1. This excites me to no end! Mallory's been my best pal since 6th grade, and I'm always so happy to see her getting recognized! Her passion for her shop has no bounds.... first the US, next stop the UK!

  2. Stop it!!! Miss Malaprop has been in my craft blog folder for ages...she is incredibly talented.

  3. !!!! Thank you sooooooooo much! For all the super sweet, kind words and for featuring me! I got on Twitter just now to discover it - it means a lot to me! I really do try very hard to help support other talented artists and particularly people in my local area and those who are trying to recycle materials into new art to keep them out of landfills!

    You're the best!

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