Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Second Hand Pledge

As most of you know, the most ethical way to shop is to buy second hand. So with this in mind I have signed up to the second hand pledge so wherever possible I will shop pre-owned. This way of shopping is both environmentally and ethically conscious and not only that but I’m doing it along with the support and in partnership with fab bloggers Citizen Rosebud, The Daily Fashionista and Revas Rags 2 Roses
For more info and to join us in this pledge click here


  1. I like this impulse. I started my practice as an environmental lawyer back when people cared about the fate of the planet. Plus, I love thrift-stores!

  2. This has been my own pledge since the start of the year! So far it's going great (of course I haven't bought much of anything but that's even better really). It feels much better to think before buying-simply consuming does such a number on the spirit and the world.

  3. I love thrift stores and car boot sales so it'll give me a good excuse to go to them more xx


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