Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Hair Colour - Palty Honey Macaron

I've been dying to use Japanese hair dye Palty for a long time. Palty is a hair dye especially made for dark haired girlies like myself. It allows you to lighten your hair without the need for pre bleaching. So i ordered it from Ebay and it arrved just 5 days after i ordered it, all the way from Hong Kong. Speedy!

I opted for this shade - Honey Macaron

Here is what came in the pack:




This is what my hair colour looked like before dyeing!


Excuse my messy hair!

And here is the finished result once it's been dried and straightened.



I really loved using the Palty hair dye. I love the resulting shade and managed to go quite a few shades lighter without any harm to my hair. If anything my hair feels softer and more manageable since I dyed it. It's very easy to use and the foam makes application less messy as it doesn't drip. I also loved the inclusion of the cup and the paddle. I wish western hair bleach would use these instead of the cheap, flimsy mixing trays and tiny mixing tools that are so often included. All in all i'm really pleased with Palty hair dyes and I will definitely be using them again. Although a word of warning - Japanese women tend to have quite thick hair so if your hair is thin proceed with caution!

I've yet to discover a hair dye in the UK that will significantly lighten my hair without the need for pre-bleaching. Once again the Asian beauty brands are streets ahead of western brands. It's not surprising that I'm such a fan of Korean and Japanese beauty brands!


  1. wow! I had never heard of this dye, my natural hair is black and i've always wanted to go lighter without eventually fading in to ginger!! I have been using john frieda foam dye in the blonde shade. I'll have to give this brand a try, does it really do less damage than say, john freida dye? xxxx

  2. I've never used the john frieda one bt I have used practically every other hair dye and this one is the only one that made my hair feel softer. I'm overwhelmingly impressed by it xx

  3. Looks great! The shade suits you really well darling! xxx

  4. Wow this sounds like my cuppa tea, as i also have dark hair, so I get it. It does not surprise me that these guys have come up with a formula such as this.
    L'oreal majimeche (at salons) do great highlighting without completely stripping the hair.

    Love the final colour on you!

  5. Wow! The colour came out really well. My friend tried out the same kind of palty but in a different colour but they colour was nothing like it was on the packet. Yours came out really well though!

  6. I was really impressed with it. I think the resulting colour depends on the type of hair that u have. I'll deffo be using it again as I really loved it!

  7. Thanks huni I'm seriously loving how light it got my hair :)

  8. Looks really interesting, as I have dark hair and have been wanting to lighten it for a long while, but I'm scared of damaging it. The only thing that puts me off using this one is the fact that obviously all the info in the package is in Japanese, and because I'm so paranoid of damaging my hair I would want to understand what's in it. Still, I'm uber-interested. Nice shade by the way, I like it on you xx

  9. Oh and forgot to add, I ADORE the packaging, the model they use...everything! but then again I do love sooooo much of Japanese culture, media and everything else ;)

  10. Asian beauty brands really are way ahead of the pack! You are so brave to try this at home... especially with the Japanese directions. LOL! But the color came out great. I'm very impressed!

  11. [...] This is sometimes called bubble hair dye as it bubbles up so you end up with twice as much mixture than you start with. This is the hair dye to end all hair dyes. Especially for all you dark haired lovelies who want to go lighter without wrecking your hair. These dyes are made to turn your hair lighter without the need for pre-bleaching. I used it to go from dark brown to a very light brown. It doesn’t damage hair either, my hair felt softer after using it. As you can see here. [...]


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