Monday, August 22, 2011

Is this Singaporean Drink the Answer to Looking Youthful?


Lift-Up! with Collagen 500ml

When I stumbled across this drink while doing some shopping in the Japan Centre I was a little surprised. Despite my love for Japan I’d never before heard of a Collagen drink. This drink is grape juice with 550 mg of Collagen added to it and apparently it’s supposed to increase your energy but could it also be anti – ageing?

Collagen makes up 30-45% of the body’s protein and  makes up 75% of the body’s skin tissue. The loss of collagen within the body is widely shown to lead to the creation of wrinkles and the appearance of ageing.

As well as making your skin look plumper, collagen is important for your joint health. It can help protect joints against the ravaging effect of old age. Collagen levels lessen from the age of 25 and by the time we’ve reached 40 years of age we’ve lost around a third of the collagen from our bodies and the wrinkles start appearing.

So will regularly drinking collagen drinks keep us looking youthful and wrinkle free ? I guess the answer to that question is – who knows! Ask me in ten years time when I turn 40. But these drinks sure do taste lovely and cost about the same as a bottle of coke of the same size. So i’ll continue to drink them.


  1. This sounds interesting for sure! This rare grape must have an exceptionally high collagen content!

    I am so loving how this blog layout/look has evolved!

  2. There's not collagen in the grapes lol they add collagen to it xx and thanks for your kind words about my layout xx

  3. Ha ha totally LOL!

    I must be confused with the new anti aging cream (with high antioxidant grape) that everyones been raving about from Superdrug thats a coupla hundred quid cheaper than the Harrods version!


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