Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elle October Issue - Getting Inspirational


My disdain for certain women's fashion magazines is well known as I deem a lot of their content to be demeaning to women and a little patronizing. But the October issue of British Elle is a little bit different. It was a pleasure to read and was written in a much different tone to previous issues.

Guest edited by Gucci first lady Frida Giannini, this month's copy celebrates inspirational women. Giannini is the perfect choice as she herself is inspirational to many as the creative director of Gucci. She has worked hard and it is no mean feat to head one of the world's biggest fashion houses.

But the beauty of this issue is that it doesn't just celebrate and applaud the high profile or famous. It features women from all walks of life. Women who have overcome extreme and life threatening obstacles to achieve their dreams. Women who are an inspiration to each and every one of us.

This issue is heartbreaking and beautiful all rolled into one. I shed a few tears while reading Paddy Smith's amazing and inspiring tribute to his fiancee who died while saving the lives of others by providing aid to displaced and poverty stricken Afghans. I read in awe at the story of Rula Jebreal whose story begins in an Israelian orphanage but met an inspirational woman who changed her life and the lives of so many others. This woman started and ran the orphanage and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the children in her care. Rula herself has gone on to become a well respected journalist and she was also the first non-Italy born news anchorwoman on Italian tv.

I've loved reading stories like these and articles on other strong, bold and inspirational women. It helps put my own personal struggles in perspective and these are the kind of women that I wish todays youth would aspire to be like.

Magazines take note. Less patronizing and image obsessed articles and more inspirational, motivating and well written pieces please!

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