Thursday, September 1, 2011

Japanese Skincare Brand Forlle'd has Arrived!

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As you'll probably know by now I'm a huge Japanophile. I'm a sucker for Japanese fashion AND beauty. So I'm generally quite clued up about Japanese brands. So I was overjoyed when I heard through the grapevine that Forlle'd were coming to the UK. For those who don't know Forlle'd is scientifically based skincare from Japan. They aren't like most skincare ranges though who claim to be scientifically sound but actually aren't. This range is formed from the work of Japanese nobel prize winner Koichi Tanaka. I won't delve into all the scientific stuff as it'll most likely bore you if your not a geek like me. But I will tell you that Forlle'd products go beneath your outer skin layer so it's skincare that's more than skin deep. The range contains hyaluronic acid which is responsible for preventing infections and allergic reactions and helps skin retain moisture. It also is responsible for skin regeneration and the prevention of the signs of ageing.
Forlle'd is basically a facelift in a bottle. The range consists of face washes, lotions, serums, eye cream and sunscreen.
Forlle'd is available from Sherron Holder-Culver @ Stephen Price which is located at 3 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London, SW3.


  1. This sounds like my kinda product, as I have sensitive skin & also I am constantly on the lookout for something to improve texture which means going skin deep.

    Wishing you a rocking September gorgeous!

    I really LOL at your comment, Ryan is kinda cute, did you ever see The Proposal?

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  3. They sound like great products!


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