Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Removable Collar

You must have been living in a hole to not have seen those removable collars everywhere. I am seriously in love with a variety of them but funds are limited so I decided to look into how to DIY one. You'll be glad to know it is actually relatively easy. Check out the result below.

diy removable collar

diy removable collar

So how do we go about making one?

What you'll need:- Fabric (I used a blue cotton like material), white lace, ribbon, scissors, needle, thread.


  1. Cut the fabric into the desired size & shape (I did mine with a rounded outer edge). Just make sure it's long enough to fit around your neck.

  2. Sew a blanket stitch using white thread around the outer edge to create the almost scallop effect.

  3. Sew the laceall around the inner edge.

  4. Sew a piece of ribbon to each outer corner to enable you to tie it up or sew on poppers if you prefer.

Ta Da! That's it.

Try experimenting with fabrics and designs. Faux fur would also make a great alternative - just ditch the lace edging and instead of blanket stitching the outer edge just hem it instead and add a ribbon strap to match the fur.

If you do this DIY yourself - tweet or comment with a link to your results. Happy DIYing!


  1. You make it look soooo easy! Thanks for your sweet comment, I've just added you and relevant links/pages to my tips on buliding a better blog! How could I forget?!


  2. That is so pretty, and you make it seem so easy too!

  3. This is so cute! You make it look so easy too, I cannot wait to try this out xo

  4. [...] I’ve seen a lot of detachable collars for sale over the past six months but they always seem a little  out of my price range (no way am I paying £25 for that little fabric) so I was really excited when I spotted Faye’s DIY post. [...]


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