Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Favorite Asian Beauty Discoveries

Hey lovelies!

I've been a busy bee lately but things have settled down now so I finally have time to blog. Yay! Well last week I attended an event and got chatting to beauty blogger extraordinaire Zoe of London Lipgloss. Obviously the conversation drifted onto beauty products and my fondness for Asian ones in particular. She suggested I do a post on my favorite Asian ones as most people know so little about them so here it is. I introduce my favorite Asian beauty products. Enjoy!

Missha BB Cream

As you all know BB creams have recently becoming big news in the western beauty world. But none of the European ones I've seen even come close to their Asian counterparts and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is my favorite of the lot. Hides blemishes, gives complete coverage and its brilliant for your skin. This one comes in various shades and is suitable for even dark skinned girls like me. Hooray!

Fiberwig Mascara

asian beauty

This mascara is a true miracle product. It's superior to any western one that you will ever have tried. It coats the lashes in little fibres so it not only separates them but it also significantly lengthens them. It is truly false lashes in a tube. Amazing!

Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner

asian beautyNot only is the packaging super cute but this product is also simple to apply and very long lasting. The product looks a little like a felt tip pen so application is just a case of drawing on the liner. No fiddly knibs or wonky eyeliner lines.

Missha Luminous Colour Lipgloss

asian beauty

This is my perfect lipgloss. Non gloopy, sheer and no stickiness. It comes in a lovely variety of colours in truly feminine and girly hues. The packaging is classic and beautiful too.

Palty Hair Dye

asian beauty

This is sometimes called bubble hair dye as it bubbles up so you end up with twice as much mixture than you start with. This is the hair dye to end all hair dyes. Especially for all you dark haired lovelies who want to go lighter without wrecking your hair. These dyes are made to turn your hair lighter without the need for pre-bleaching. I used it to go from dark brown to a very light brown. It doesn't damage hair either, my hair felt softer after using it. As you can see here.

So there you have it guys these are my top Asian beauty finds. All of these are top sellers in Japan. And i can totally see why. Try some out your best bet for purchasing them is

Tell me which one is at the top of your beauty wishlist in the comments?


  1. Great tips.

  2. I meant to buy fiberwig before I left Japan but forgot :(  Luckily I can probably get it in Hawaii when I run out of my mascara.  I wouldn`t recommend Palty AT ALL for ladies with non-asian/thick hair.  Palty completely ruined my hair because it is very fine and made for asian/thick haired gals.  Just a friendly word of warning!

    Love BB cream...but now mine is all too light.  Might try the western version soon.  Wonder how it compares...have you tried any western brand BB cream?

  3. I would love to try that BB cream! I'll have to do a little research to see if I can get it in the US. The only thing I've tried here is Fiberwig, and it's a great mascara. They sell at at Sephora.


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