Monday, July 19, 2010

i love japanese fashion magazines :-)

Konnichiwa!! Hey guys. how are you all?Well as usual i've been shopping again I ordered some kawaii paper, memo sheets, letter sets etc its all so cute. Ebay is a godsend. I also ordered some circle lenses from tokyo toys ( Can't wait till they arrive.  I'll do a review once i've tried them out :) I also ordered Ageha from the Japan centre i love Japanese magzines of al different types. I love looking at all types of Japanese fashions even the ones with fashion that i would never wear. So today i thought i'd give you an insight into some of the most popular ones:)

So here goes

The first one i'm going to examine is Kera. This is one of the most popula magazines in Japan. It looks at real people on the street in all different kinds of styles. Some real fashion leading people off the street in all manners of different styles. Creativity is the key. It also provides make up tutorials as well as film and music news and examining the style of celebrities.

As you can probably tell by the front cover this magazine covers gyaru style mostly gangura. It has been very important in the rise of the ganguro movement. The current version of the magazine shows a more toned down version of ganguro. It covers make up tutorials, fashion and covers every aspect of ganguro.


Gothic lolita bible focuses on the different subcultures within lolita. Advising how to ormulate a good lolita outfit complete with sections on accessories, bags and shoes. And shows pics of real girls wearing Lolita on the streets are at huge Tokyo club nights.

And now to my favorit of the bunch.


This magazine is fab and oh so pretty. It focuses on hime fashion. Yay!! It shows various different type of hime hair. Every page is sparkly and princess like and it features fashion and make up and a section on caring for wigs unusually. The hair tutorials are amazing and you dont even need to be able to read japanese as every step has a photo attached and they do the same for the make up tutorials :)

So there you have it :) the world of Japanese fashion mags.

Now im off to the land of nod its 11.30 pm and very hot so i'm seriously tired. Nite nite!


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