Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey guys so I been doing alot of shopping recently and wanted to share my purchases with you.

So I got lots of Kawaii paper, a pink furry pen, a pink and white handbag ordered from Japan. some kawaii stickers. Some gold ruffle pumps, mary janes from japan and a nice scented body lotion.

And some pink bow heels, a cute little set of storage pots, pink fluffy beret, pink top from Japan, scented body butter, harajuku for lovers perfume and vanity case and a gold Vivienne Westwood bag.
Not pictured: brown magic circle lenses, kawaii exercise book, hand stitching machine, clear pink and blk 3mm nail gems, ice cream cabochons, flower and star rhinestones, pink eyeshadows, 20 pairs of lashes and im still awaiting many deliveries :)

Lots of goodies. Yay! Circle lenses are awesome. look how big my eyes look now.

And on a different note ive extended the contest till 22nd August.

Much Love


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