Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gals who inspire me:)

I draw inspiration from many western gals and i would like to share them with you. Check out their blogs these are awesome gals.




her style is amazing and she is totally up to date with gal fashion. her posts are well written and researched and she’s just moved to Japan (so Jealous) her Gaijin Gyaru posts are super brilliant and she’s very knowledgeable on all things gal.


Universal Doll




This gal covers all the latest collections in detail and is a must have visit for all new gals. Her posts are very witty and she brings such personality to her posts. She has soo many posts about the gal basics, what to do and not what to do so as a newbie gal her blog is an invaluable too. And she has the most awesome giveaway running atm.



Violet Lebeaux


This gal inspired me to start blogging. Her nail art is amazing and she does the best tutorials. i dunno where she gets the ideas for some of her tutorials but they’re ingenious. Her macaroons recipe is the best I've found soo far. Check her out.





She’s a fairly new blogger but her information is soo useful. Super polite and she always replies to comments.I found her information on shipping services so helpful I'd wanted to order from ma*rs for so long but didn't know how until i read her post. This is one girl who looks just as beautiful with makeup as she does without. The maturity she displays makes her sound older than 21 and she’s really really nice and another UK gal :)



Monica Tang


I absolutely love this gal she always looks immaculate and she’s totally nice too. I love our little twitter chats and she responds to all comments despite the quantity she receives. I'm annoyed that i missed her while she was in the UK earlier this year. She has the best beauty and fashion posts and i wish she could do my makeup because hers is always perfect. She shares her life and her purchases with her followers and is a true inspiration.


So girlies visit their blogs and follow them (just click on their pics in this post it will take you directly to their blogs) because these gals are awesome and you dont wanna miss a thing