Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink studded rhinestone nail tutorial

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I love doing nail art guys so i thought i’d share my tutorial with you :) I hope the instructions are clear but if you have any questions just ask :)

What you need

Red glitter acrylic powder
Nail spotting tool
Pink nail polish
3mm pink rhinestones
Acrylic liquid


1. Paint your nails pink.

2. pour a little acrylic powder into a container and dip your brush in.

3. quickly dip brush into the acrylic powder

4. it will form a ball on the brush. Place the ball of acrylic on the tip of your nail and use the brush to flatten it to the tip of your nail.

5. dip the dotting tool in a little nail varnish and draw a line underneath the acrylic tip

6. quickly while still wet place a line of the rhinestones on top of the polish.
And tada! its done. Obviously you repeat that process for all nails :)