Friday, August 20, 2010

Majikko gyarusa first meet

OMG! what an awesome day!!! as you'll know today was majikko's first meet. And it was Awesome. All the girls are lovely and we had such fun AND we got videoed for a purikura promotional video :) xx

We had a lovely lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown to start.

Yum i had a bento box - rice, deep fried pork, japanese salad, miso soup, salmon sashimi and sushi rolls. I also had some chicken yakitori. It was soo delish :)

Afterwards we went to take some purikura. What a laugh. It was soo much fun.

Here we all are getting ready!

hehe striking a pose!!

Funny face time! lol xx

oooo sexy! lol xxx i love that dress im wearing i ordered it from Hong Kong :)

i wanted the day to never end.

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