Thursday, August 19, 2010

Microbead hair extensions info and tutorial


I was asked about this kind of hair extension by shmuberry

So as requested here’s the information and a tutorial (you’ll need to rope in a mate to help).



Bead hair extensions are growing in popularity. Beading is a method of attaching hair extensions using a small bead and small pliers (a closer tool) to secure the hair to your head. There is no glue, sewing, braiding or heat involved, and no one will know you are wearing extensions.

Types of Extension Hair

There are two types of hair for bead extensions. The first is the i-tip extension, which resembles the tip of a shoe string. The second type is the loop extension, which has a plastic loop attached to the extension for easier bead threading.

Types of Beads

Beads are available in plastic or metal in several sizes and colours. Sizes of the beads range from small to medium, and they are also referred to as micro rings. Use beads that match your natural hair colour.


Since there is no heat or glue, there are fewer chances of damage to the hair. Bead extensions cannot easily be seen or felt.


Bundles of hair usually come in a pack of 25. They range in price from £20 to £150. Expect to purchase approximately seven to eight bundles for a full head.





Rat tail comb

Large hair clips

Loop tool

Micro beads

Bead clamp tool



Comb any tangles from the hair. It is important that the hair is not tangled, since this can make installation of the micro bead extensions difficult. Work with clean, dry hair when installing micro bead extensions.

Use the rat tail comb to part the hair in half. Then, use the comb to create a straight, horizontal part in the hair from ear to ear. Make sure the part is completely straight and defined. Clip the hair up and away from the part.

Slide your fingernails down the loop on the loop tool, making the end of the loop pointed. This will make it easier to apply the microbead.

Thread the micro beads through the pointed loop until they reach about a quarter of the way up the loop. Open the loop again with your fingers.

Separate a thin piece of hair, making sure that all strands in the bunch come from the same area to ensure proper tension. The piece of hair should be about the same thickness as the microbead hair extension piece.

Stick your thumb and forefinger through the loop and pull the section of hair through. Use your forefinger pull a microbead up over the end of the loop and through the section of hair. The bead should be somewhat loose on the piece of hair, with ample room for attachment of the extension.

Slide the tip of the extension through the bead. The bead should be about a quarter- to half-inch from the root of the hair.

Clamp the bead with the bead tool. This will tighten the bead around the extension and the section of hair, holding it in place. The bead should be flat once it has been clamped. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 of this section until the extensions have been applied all along the part.

Use the rat tail comb to create another horizontal part above the completed row of extensions. Apply the microbead extensions to about the bottom of the crown of the head. Do not apply the extensions in the temple, bangs or top-part of the hair.