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Corinne Day Fashion Photographer– a tribute




Corinne Day passed away on Friday 27th August at 4pm peacefully at home, after a long illness.

She was diagnosed with a slow growing, grade 2 brain tumour in November 1996 at the Bellevue hospital in New York, after which Corinne returned to London for brain surgery at the Whitechapel hospital in December 1996. She was given a prognosis of 8 years left to live. However Corinne outlived this by over 6 years, passing away in 2010.

From the day she was diagnosed till the day she died she never ever stopped fighting or gave up she is a true inspiration a woman who never let her illness consume her a woman who never lost hope where many would have wallowed in self pity she had the strength of character to carry on living her life. In my opinion she was the best female photographer that ever live and her breath-taking awe inspiring images will continue to live on long after she left the world.

Corinne Day’s influence on the style and image of photography in the 1990s has been enormous. Which makes her even more amazing is that she was self taught. She brought a documentary feel to fashion photography. Corinne Day is known for making long and close relationships with many of her photo subjects (most notably Kate Moss), which resulted in more candid and natural looking portraits. Her most famous of those being the photos of Moss in the editorial for the FACE magazine in 1990. These photos came to be known as grunge and unleashed a whole new style on the world.

In 1993 Day again photographed Kate Moss this time in her own flat for British Vogue.

For the next seven years she spent most of her personal time taking photos for her book, Diary a visual record of her life and friends.

She also took photos for various top fashion magazines - British, Italian and Japanese Vogue. And in various exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, The Science Museum, The design Museum, Photographers Gallery, Gimpel Fils London and she was also included in The Andy Warhol exhibition at the Whitney Museum NY.

Her images are iconic and she will live on through her work.

Corinne Day (1965 – 2010)



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