Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elf Cosmetics–Excellent products at budget prices!

So i was reading Look magazine earlier today and i stumbled across a product review for a company called ELF the product was given 5 stars and then i saw the price. £1.50. I was amazed the packaging made it look like a posh high end brand. So i checked out their website and realised almost all their products were that price so i placed a mass order which they’ve informed me they have shipped out already. Awesome Smile So i thought i would share the site with you. You really should check it out. And they deliver internationally. Can’t get much better.
They’re based in Swansea, Wales and offer free UK shipping for orders over £30.
And they’ve been featured in tonnes of fashion magazines.


They sell everything from lipsticks, make up bags, false lashes, nail colours, travel kits, brushes. Basically any make up item you could ever need.
Check them out @

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