Thursday, September 16, 2010

H&M launches UK online store (hallelujah)




I have been excited about this for weeks ever since i found out they would be launching an online store. H&M rocks! The prices are reasonable and the styles are up to date. They even sell a Gilfy style bowler and usamimi’s. I have noticed though that a lot of items have sold out already.  So this post is exclusively dedicated to H&M. Out of all UK stores I think H&M is the best choice for western gals. Plus they sell everything these days coats, jewellery, clothing hats, shoes, underwear, make up and they even sell the cutest kids clothes which is why i love it soo much (can  you tell lol)

So get in there quick before they sell out of all this awesome stuff.

You can check it out here

And before i go here’s some pix of my new hair and me in my new boots. They’re suede and lovely Smile




I'm off to grab me a new outfit.



Fuyume Star