Friday, September 10, 2010

High St haul and a look at Japanese beauty gadgets

So today i decided to do a little shopping on the high street for once. I usually buy all my stuff on the internet and god I'm glad i did as i picked up some lovely things Smile

First off i got a lovely pink long sleeved dress that for once is long enough to not ride halfway up my rear lol! Its pink cotton adorned with pink pearls at the top and it was on sale at TK Maxx for only £8. Bargain!

new 003

And i got some lovely pink ankle boots with chains hanging off them. I was actually amazed they had my size Smile They’re peep toe ones.

new 001new 002

I also bought 2 lovely scarves a cream cotton one and a fluffy black one. With the weather getting colder i really need them.

blog 001blog 002

And i got a nude coloured lipstick and a black pencil eyeliner.

blog 004

And finally i got a pair of pearl studs (can you tell i love studs lol).

blog 003

Now onto the next part of my post Japanese beauty gadgets.

Japanese Beauty Gadgets

Waist-Shaping Cushion: Sleep with this heart-shaped cushion under your waist and you can say goodbye to sit-ups so is the claim. By working on your posture, this pillow supposedly creates a taut waist without effort.

Beau Bust Roller: Using electro-stimulation technology, this little, battery-powered contraption firms up breast muscles and promote growth by activating the tissue.

Beautiful Voice Trainer: Don’t like your voice? You can get the sultry voice you’ve been wanting in just five minutes a day. This device retrains your tongue to position itself so that you breathe from your stomach when speaking. The result? A strong, sexy voice.

Head Refresher: With 234 stimulating rubber points, this scalp massager increases circulation to your entire body and stimulates hair growth for thicker, longer hair…and probably feels amazing. Just hold the ergonomic handles and brush back and forth on your scalp

Aluminium Facial Spa: Slip on this mask and enjoy a steam facial at home. Wrap the aluminium mask around your face, secure it at the back and feel the sweat!

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