Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview with nail artist to the stars Sophy Robson

Sophie Robson is a nail art extraorinaire. She recently did a 1 week pop up nail bar at iconic selfridges in London. She has done the nails for the likes of Giles, Vivienne Westwood, Vogue UK, Russia and Japan, Elle and Marc Jacobs. When you see her work you can understand why she is known as nail artist to the stars.

So here's my interview with Sophy where i asked her about Japanese nail art and london fashion week.

How did you get started with nail art?

I became obsessed with doing my nails in the mid 90s from being into hiphop music. I taught myself how to do a french manicure and it went from there.

How was working at London Fashion Week?

It was a busy season! Fashion week is a it like a whirlwind and when its over you see all these posts about your nails so you know its been worth it.

Which celeb's nails would you most like to do and why?

I recently met this new artist called Rita Ora who is signed to Jay Z's label. She is really into nails and wanted me to do nails for her video. Unfortunateley I couldnt do that one but I hope to create something special for her soon. Nicky Minaj is also a "nail icon" I would like to to do some special barbie nails for.
I love working with anyone who appreciates a good nail!
I have also always wanted to work with Jennifer Lopez as she is one of my idols.

What is your must have nail design for AW 2011?

Well it looks like the Giles manicure has been really popular already.

which designer have you most liked doing nails for?

I love working with Marc Jacobs as his attention to detail is just mind blowing. He always has genius ideas. And of course Giles Deacon as hes such a laugh and   I loved doing the EEEk nail. Tom Ford is also amazing and an absoloute dream to work with.

would you 1 day like to do nails for japan fashion week?

Ummmm like so YES!!!!! I am obsessed with Japanese nail art and am dying to go there so much.

Are you a fan of 3d style Japanese nails?

Totally....I am interested to see how it is slowly filtering into the mainstream. I totally love all the Japanese animation characters and that whole "cute" culture since   Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars.

If you weren't a nail artist whawould you be?

Errrrrr probably in a lot of trouble!

Thanks so much for answering my questions Sophy!

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  1. Fantastic nails, I saw the giles manicure on another blog where a girl had tried to recreate the manicure herself. Really cool interview though

  2. Awesome! Great interview! You'd never think a nail artists could get so much success.

  3. Great interview! It's amazing what creative styles can be done with nails.



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