Monday, October 18, 2010

The problem with being tall!

Everyone thinks being tall must be a godsend but i must say i hugely disagree. I'm 5ft11 and while my legs might look good in a pair of skinnies finding the skinnies in the first place is a bit of a mission. It's got easier as more brands have introduced tall ranges but when your a fan of Japanese clothing it really can be a huge problem.

Obviously i understand why Japanese brands don't sell clothing for someone of my height (most Japanese women are quite short) it can be very frustrating. I'm always seeing really cute Japanese skirts but on me they would look like a belt and trousers would finish half way up my leg and not in a cropped trousers kind of way. So not a good look. Tops are okay for me as long as they're short sleeved but long sleeved tops and jackets are a definite no-no. I've googled and searched and asked people for places that sell Japanese style clothing for tall women with no such luck.

Then we get to shoes. I discovered a really great Korean site recently but they only go up to a size 6 and I'm a size 8. Big feet go hand in hand with long legs it seems. Also i love high heels but when i wear them i look like a giant. I try not to worry about that and wear them anyway but i hate towering above all my friends. In an ideal life i would be about 5ft7 but obviously i cant do anything about my height. I've been this height since my early teens.

I really wish there were more tall Japanese women because then the brands would be forced to stock tall ranges. I wonder where tall Japanese women get clothes that fit. Do they buy their clothes from western stores? Anyone know of any Japanese brands that stock long length clothing or shoes in my size?



  1. I feel you, I'm 6ft. I'm tall with skinny legs, so skinny jeans are still loose around my calves and ankles plus usually too short. I feel funny about the fashion of wearing jeans slightly too short because it's what I always have to deal with and I think it's bad; I guess for people who have excess of jean leg feel like it's a novelty to wear their jeans cut too short.

    I wear heels, I say wear what you like even if it does make you taller than everyone else! My boyfriend is 5'8" so I'm already taller than him, I just got used to heels right before we met, but I wasn't willing to give them up! He is fine with it and so am I. If you're comfortable with it, it's easy to pull off (tall + heels). I also have size 9.5/10 feet. Finding cute shoes is a nightmare.

    I can't help you with Japanese clothes in tall sizes though, western clothes are hard enough for me to deal with!

  2. yeah being tall can be a pain at times xxx

  3. The grass is always greener I guess! I'm short and from where I'm standing I would rather be taller than short.
    I have sympathy for your clothes issue though, I have no problem finding clothes, I just have to get them taken up. Good luck!

  4. I have the same problem and I'm just 5'7'' (171 cm) whenever I shop online on Korean or Japanese websites it's always a headache since I have long legs but also a long torso; most tuniques look like a regular t-shirt on me and dresses have to be AT LEAST 90cm long so that I can barely cover what needs to be covered.

  5. yea asian clothes arent really made 4 tall ppl it sucks. at 5ft11 im a giant in japanese terms lol x

  6. but you know as a tall woman you can wear layer so easily. why not buy a simple slip to wear under those too short skirts and dresses and show off your looooong gams? or find opaque leggings so that even if the skirt is too short, who cares?

  7. I'm about 5'7" and I always wish I was a wee bit taller. I've never thought about the issues taller ladies have. I can't believe that in these times there aren't more stores in your country catering to tall women. Maybe try some of the international companies?

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  8. i can find clothes in the uk if i search a bit bt i have a fondness 4 japanese clothing and thats made 4 shorter ppl xx

  9. The grass is always greener on the other side. I would kill (or sell my soul) to be 5'11"! Life isn't fun being short and stubby. Everything is beyond your reach and fashion models look nothing like you. God forbid you put on 5lbs because it'll look like a stone!

    If you didn't have a thing for Japanese fashion would it be difficult to find clothes that fit? It could be could be tall and super morbidly obese...I wonder if they make designer marquees? LOL

  10. I personally love tall girls but I can imagine that if you're really into Japanese fashion if they make their clothes in smaller fittings that it maybe a bit difficult to get the clothes. You may have to hunt down a designer that does japanese style pieces that can make you some bespoke cuts..

  11. Hey lovely,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked the post.
    This blog is great! I loved it.
    I'm also glad about this particular post. I am quite tall and for a long time I was the tallest in my group of friends. It used to bother me but not anymore. The more I got into fashion the more convinced I was that clothes just look better on taller girls. It's a fact with very few exception (say Sarah Jessica Parker, for instance).
    So every time you feel grumpy or annoyed about being tall, think of Giselle... She's HUGE and oh, so perfect...

    Have a beautiful Thursday.

  12. I know how you feel. I'm not tall at all, really short as a matter of fact:p But still, I have the same feeling. I just want to be a few cm taller:p

  13. I'm 5"7 and I kinda get what you mean about the shoes - I love vintage stuff from the 50's and 60's, but the shoes sizes are always so little. I'm a size 40 (9.5) in shoes, there's some great modern pieces out there, but occasionally it'd be awesome to find a cute pair of 50's heels that were at least near my size, lol!

    With finding Japanese fashion that might be a better fit, maybe sewing or customising pieces might be worth a try?
    Or - maybe even replicating the Japanese fashion styles using western pieces?

  14. yea i usually try and find items in japanese style bt frm western brands x

  15. Have you tried Opening Ceremony? They have a store in Tokyo.


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