Monday, October 25, 2010

An outfit post (at last)

I know its been ages since I did an outfit post but I was waiting to replace my camera. I finally have so here we go. I'll do better pix when i buy a tripod but here you go. This is what I wore today. Pretty much everything i'm wearing is new. I love the boots and jacket especially :)








Leather biker jacket - New Look

T-Shirt - Rakuten (Japan)

Black skinny trousers - TopShop

Boots - New Look

Bronze bangles - River Island

Chunky Wooden Bracelets - River Island

Necklace - River Island

Big thanks goes to my lovely 8 year old son who took the pix for me. What a sweetie :)


  1. love the outfit, especially the jacket

  2. yea i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it :)

  3. I looove your boots! They're adorable. I've seens so many of this type lately with the furry bit (don't know the proper name of it haha) but these ones look the best.

    Your son also did a great job at taking the photos ;)

  4. yea he's an awesome son :) they're called shearling trim boots xxx

  5. Lovely outfit!!

    I see a lot of improvement since your last outfit post :) Keep doing them ! :D

  6. thx hun :) yea since i stopped tryin 2b 'gal' my style has got better because i wear what i like without tryin to fit in2 a certain style :) im gonna do a lot more outfit posts frm now on :)

  7. That Tee is so nice, its very cool so different!
    And well done to your son for taking the pictures!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  8. I just love your jacket, it's so cool. I read your previous post about how you get to love Japanese culture and fashion and it was the same thing for me. I began by watching animes and reading mangas and I was really intrigued by the characters outfits. Then I started watching j-dramas and reading Japanese street style websites such as Street Style Arena. Before I knew it I became addicted to their unique sense of style and tried to incorporate my new addiction in my everyday style.

  9. i adore their uniqueness i often combine japanese and western items in my outfits :)

  10. I really, really like the boots and the t-shirt. So glam!

    xx nesha

  11. I love the boots, its amazing and your bangles, I love stacking up bangles.
    I stumble your blog on IFB and am your new follower
    can you follow me too at

  12. as you may see in my blog, i LOVE cozy boots - yours are pretty cozy =) your necklace is very special i have never heard of river island before. have to check it out soon!!


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