Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Look at Japanese Denim

Until fairly recently Japanese denim was limited to consumers with deep pockets but the high st has finally caught on. Uniqlo launched their premium jeans range last year with prices starting at £39.99. Their denim is produced at the Kaihara mill in Japan. The mill was originally founded in 1893 to produce indigo ink for the traditional kimonos of the era. In 1970 they started making high quality indigo denim. The denim is superior because they still use the traditional shuttle looms to make the denim. This allows for a higher quality denim with a richer moe fade resistant colour. This process is a lot more expensive because its a lot more time consuming that the industrial machines that most western brands use. Japanese denim has long been considered the best in the world. It's famous for it's attention to detail and the japanese are world reknowned for this. Many luxury brands have their denim produced in Japan.

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The jeans market in Japan has exploded rapidly with lots of different colours, shapes and designs available. While in the West Denim is seen as casualwear this is not the case in Japan. Jeans in Japan are seen as very fashionable and many young people spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect pair. They have become brilliant at co-ordinating outfits around a pair of high quality denim jeans.

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Japanese Brands






Fullcount & Co

Momotaro Jeans

Oni Denim

Samurai Jeans


Where to Buy

UK - Liberty ( & Uniqlo (

U.S. - Uniqlo (

Rest of the World - DJ Premium (




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  1. OMG girl I love Uniqlo! !That is the store I found when I was there in London and bought two pairs of jeans and I LOVE THEM!! They are spectacular and they fit so well!


  2. Wow, I never knew denim was so different in Japan than in the Western culture. I love dark washed jeans and can only imagine what luxury it is to have a pair made with fine indigo dye and workmanship O.O

    And I also can't leave without mentioning how much I love that bow top the girl is wearing in the third picture. It's so feminine and flowly I love it!

  3. uniqlo is awesome. such good quality. they do fab tees too xx

  4. japanese fashion is so fun - they do wear everything! i have never been there but i would love to go there once. must be amazing!


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