Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wah Nails hit Japan


Top British nail salon Wah Nails has hit Tokyo. To those who've never heard of them they are a brilliant nail salon based in Dalston, London. They also have a stand in the basement of Topshop on Oxford Street.

They are currently in Tokyo, showing the Japanese that they're not the only ones who can create spectacular nail art. For a company that was only founded last year they are doing amazingly well.

They set up a stand in the store 'Opening Ceremony' and were visited by hoards of Japanese women, many wearing Halloween outfits and even a few of the male species.

If your in the UK and want some Wah nail art of your own visit to see more of their work and to find out how to make an appointment. I highly recommend a visit to them next time your in London.









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  1. Wow those nails are crazy, nail art is getting bigger and bigger have you seen those minx nail foils that you can get now?

  2. Wow! Look at those Halloween nails! Wish I could have my nails done like that for today!

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  3. yea wah nails r awesome :)

  4. I hate saying anything negative but I checked out their site and I still feel that Japanese nail salons are vastly superior. I think if I were overseas I would enjoy them, because where I live I have yet to find an awesome nail salon (hope to remedy that when I go back but last time I went they didn`t even KNOW what gel nails were when I asked---so sad!!). But a lot of the designs, the colors, how it was put together just looked amateurish and I didn`t feel that spark of creativity--though it could honestly just be what their clients are requesting. As one of my Japanese friends said, "people in the west like the simple, french look but we Japanese love cute nails and lots of details".

  5. i think as it was halloween they were doing mostly that kinda novelty look nails. they do a lot of nail art for london fashion week and some of their designs were really intricate. i think its dificult because of the vast amount of ppl that turned up so they were probably rushing them slightly. altho this post isn't really about them being better than japanese nail salons i jus think its awesome that a british nail salon is doing work in japan. Fyi i dont mind negative comments at all. all feedback is good that's why i like blogging for the debates and different viewpoints :)

  6. Thanks for the post Fuyume!! And Hana thanks for your criticism - We can do ANY nail art, including Japanese nail art, but we do what our customers want and in London they prefer handrawn, graphic and illustrative styles. JP Nail art is seen as a little bit garish for our British girls tastes!! I dont think any one salon style is superior to another, we're all just catering for different choices! Even though I own my own salons, I still enjoy going to different ones for different types of nail work. And as I just came back from Tokyo, I can tell you that there are just as many boring Japanese nail salons as there are amazing ones! We brought our British style to Tokyo, we didnt see the point in doing what they already do there, and the girls seemed to love it! Thanks for your comment though! xoxo

  7. Also Hana - the only bit of your remark i disapprove of is the "amatuerish" comment. The girl who did that Halloween nail wheel is a qualified nail tech and also has a Fine Art Degree - they're mini artworks on nails.... Its unfair for you to describe them that way just because they don't suit your personal taste. I hope you can understand that! xx


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