Thursday, October 28, 2010

FBFF - 10 Random Facts About Me


So this week's FBFF follows a slightly different route.We've been asked to share 10 random facts about ourselves instead of being set questions. I like :) And here they are.

1. I am a complete and utter Star Trek geek. Next Generation is my fave because of Patrick Stewart as captain Picard but i'll actually watch any of them. Voyager, Deep Space Nine or even Enterprise even though i wasn't a fan of Scott Bakula's captain. I also LOVE the most recent Star Trek film. Heroes' Silas was magnificent as Spock.

2. I am a massive fan of Asian films. My current faves are Audition, Death Note, Ichi the Killer, Dumplings, Battle Royale and Imprint (actually part of american TV series masters of horror). And yes the gorier the better.

3. I'm a lifelong Man United fan. I have now passed this onto my kids.

4. I don't act my age. I'm approaching 30 but feel like a 21 year old.

5. I love and collect Japanese kawaii items (Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma etc...)

6. I'm a massive Harajuku Lovers fan. Perfumes, vanity case, shoes, clothes :) My collection is rapidly growing.

7. I'm obsessed with beauty products and make up. I have tonnes. My bedroom shelves are full of this stuff :)

8. I'm happy when I gain weight. I recently gained 5kg and was over the moon about it. I'm naturally very slim so it takes a lot of effort to gain weight but I want a more curvy shape.

9. I'm madly on love with both the winchester brothers in supernatural lol. Yes i still get crushes and those 2 are at the top of the list ;-)

10. I love watching third and bird on cbeebies with my 2 year old. The character Muffin is just soooo cute.

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  1. It's always so nice to get a more well rounded view of another blogger, so thanks for sharing! It seems you have a penchant for sci fi! x

  2. I've only watched death note the anime, I'm not sure whether I should watch the movie because I thought the anime was pretty intense haha. I suppose the movie would only be a few hours though.

    I didn't like Harajuku Lovers when they first came out but they grew on me. I don't own anything of them but I think the Harajuku cosmetic bags at Sephora are the cutest things.

    Posts like these are always fun to read :)

  3. Yeah, another Trekki fan! I'm totally not alone! LOL. My beauty stash is so out of control and I have a bottle of Harajuku lover's also!

  4. I love your list! My friend also has a crush on Cpt. Picard. Hilarious!

  5. Nice to read more about you! I wish gaining weight—because I need to—was a problem I had. I have such a voracious appetite! But I'm sure it is as frustrating for you as losing weight is for me. Didn't know you are a mom!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  6. I LOVE hello kitty too, I'm starting to collect them again <3

  7. Star trek rules! I have shelves full of make up too!

  8. Nice answers. :) Your blog is cute. I love the pic with the girl with really long blond hair!

  9. YES!
    Star trek FTW. We're quite a bunch of fans!

    Sylar was meh. Nimoy is Nimoy. I couldn't stand the last movie though... It felt too cheesy, dunno why, but I didn't get *that* feeling.

    You should play Mass Effect. Seriously, both of the games give you the feeling you're actually having that kind of sci-fi adventure. Ah <3

  10. I second everyone on here saying they wished gaining weight was the problem. I guess we each have our own struggles. And I'm not sure why, but I was surprised to see that you are a Star Trek fan. I can't stand it and am totally confused by the appeal. LOL - Katy

  11. lol i hate video games. i leave those 2 my sons xx seems there's alot of trekkies out there xx

  12. yea at school i got called anna as in anorexic wasn't fun. but your right every1 has their own battles. ive tried weight gain shakes and everythin. bt im sure its just as difficult for larger women who cant lose weight.

  13. I like Captain Picard too! Data is my favourite though.

  14. Nice set of questions, it's always good to find out more about the person behind the blog. Even if you are a Manchester United fan... boooo, (Liverpool fan here)

  15. haha! liverpool are not having a good season xx

  16. data is funny. especially once he had th emotion chip fitted xx

  17. Please don't remind me about it! :-s


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