Saturday, November 20, 2010

Model Spotlight - Tao Okamoto

She's part of the new brand of Asian model. With her delicate features and androgynous hairstyle she packs a punch whether she's strutting her stuff on the catwalk or appearing on the cover of vogue. She's done campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Uniqlo and Louis Vuitton and appeared in Vogue Russia, Vogue US and Vogue Japan among others. This model is one to watch as her star is on the ascent. In a modelling world really lacking in Japanese models her success story is all the more special. There are only a handful of Japanese models who've made it onto the international modelling stage. So my lovelies I introduce you to Tao Okamoto :)

Such striking imagery. Which is your favourite guys?


  1. With the shoots she's been in she looks like she has already hit the top. You're right though when I think about watching the runway shows for various designers it's rare you see any japanese or Oriental women full stop.

  2. she's just at the beginning of her career so i'm expecting gr8 things of her :)

  3. Really beautiful young woman with something mysterious in her eyes !
    I like your blog content, really interesting to discover another part of the Japanese culture...

  4. She's an awesome model isn't she? We need to see more japanese models :)


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