Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Outfit Pics & A Thankyou :)

I don't post outfit pictures very much, mostly because I'm kinda shy and don't really like having my photo taken. Much to the dismay of my family. I'm trying to conquer the fear though so I thought I'd post a few outfit pix that were taken in the last month or so. I'm rubbish at the pic taking though so sorry if they're not that great though I'm sure I'll improve as I become more confident.

And on a different note thanks to everyone who has followed me and helped me reach 350 followers. I'm planning a giveaway at the moment to say thanks so keep your eyes peeled :)


  1. I love all the pants you wore here. I love harem pants and have recently gotten a pair but they're not 'harem' enough haha. They are stuck between harem and too little baggyness so it's a little strange looking.

    And no need to be shy! I think you look great especially with long hair and in the last picture. The curls are so pretty, I want them on my head!

  2. hey girl I am literally such a duh brain by your twitter picture you look completely different, and then when I asked you about your blog, and you said tweet i know a blooger that calls her blog tweet so I just assumed you were a different girl. I should have clocked when you you had all that amzing knowledge about Japanese models, feel free to slap the back of my hand when you see me next. x

    btw you look lovley I would not be shy if I had that body. xx

  3. LOVE those sparkly harem pants!! So fun! :)



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