Thursday, November 11, 2010

Street Fashion Thursday Week 2

Hey guys welcome to week 2 of my now regular segment Street Fashion Thursday where i compile a few of my favorite street fashion pics that I've stumbled upon during my travels through the world wide web :)



  1. Awesome! Do you know the book "Fruit" ? There are all these streetstyle pics, it's amazing!

  2. yea i do :) fruits is very popular xx

  3. man these people have the coolest, original style.

  4. Oh look, since you said you liked them , I've just found a similar pair of studded shoes on a shopping site, look I edited my latest post with the link! :D

  5. I love the look of most of these. I realize I never like neon in the 80s and I still don't! The others are fantastic.

  6. love their quirky sense of fashion- great post!!

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