Monday, December 6, 2010

New Hair!!!

As quite a few of you requested I've taken a pic of my hair. Excuse the really bad pic though as it was taken in a hurry and my hair hasn't been styled its au naturelle. Funny facetime !!!

See why i said funny face ?

Yesterday I showed off some recent purchases - well that wasn't all of them but didnt wanna bombard you guys.

I also received a package from eyeko with 2xgraffiti eyeliner in black, 2 fat balms in frosted and 6 bottles of nail polish :) I got 2 of everything as the 2nd item of each product is for a giveaway when I reach the holy grail of 400 followers :)

Now to shoes :)

All of these shoes look better on than they do on my camera.

I love the las pair especially I have a huge fondness for wedges at the moment and camel is very on trend. You can' tell by the photo but they're actually suede.

Lastly is a new studded bag that I got from Tesco of all places. To all my american readers Tesco is a supermarket. I was very stunned at finding such an awesome bag fo a tenner in a supermarket lol. Can you believe Tesco even does a couture range with pieces around the £100 pricemark. They are designed by recnt london college of Fashion graduates I believe.

Now i've got all my purchases blogged about so back to normal tomorrow altough soon it'll be time for the January sales so then i'll have a truckload of purchases to share with you :)

I think i've rambled on long enough now guys so i'll let you get off.



  1. Cute 'do! And, dang, you scored some loot, didn't you?!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  2. ha yeah i love to shop :)

  3. Looks like you bought some really great things! The Eyeko stuff looks great and I love the canvas heeled shoes! I have some a little like that too!

    Also yay, fellow ViVi fans!

  4. You hair au naturelle looks darn good. My hair is a giant fluffball au naturelle...

    I've recently been drawn in my wedges. I never used to like them because they can look chunky but now I've been nicer wedges that don't stick out at me too much. I've also seen fancier wedges where the heel is actually slimmed down but I have yet to own a pair...

  5. oh, how i miss being able to buy clothes in between biscuits and butter! one (of many) ways in which american often pales in comparison.


  6. nice hair, you make me want to cut mine and get a bob! Didn't know about the London College of Fashion and Tesco joint ventures, what a cool idea, must find out more :)

  7. i love short hair :) it looks quite funky when styled wel xx


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