Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Only in Japan - Edible Accessories

Combining style and taste Tokyo Sweets Collection is a fashion show with a difference. Some of Japan's top patisserie chefs created the accessories you see on the models. Yes they ARE made from cakes and sweets :) Wouldn't you be tempted to run on the catwalk and eat their accessories though? I know I would. The creations are actually made at the show and then the models wear them on the catwalk. This fashion show has been running yearly in Japan for three years now and keeps going from strength to strength.

Only in Japan!!


  1. Wow. That is amazing and I'm even more stunned that none of the cakes fell apart (I'm assuming). The cake in the second last picture must have been a difficult walk haha but they all look great and extravagant!

  2. How beautiful. So many ways to make art, even with food. I remember at Toronto Fashion Week there was an installation of an edible dress and it was remarkable. How would you eat it, though? I would just want to keep looking at it until it started to mould.

  3. Definitely "only in Japan" that's an awesome concept though edible clothes. I'd love to be behind the scenes afterwards munching my way through a hat or something. I guess for a patisserie chef it's extremely challenging as patisserie is one of the hardest things to excel in anyway. So to make accessories from pastries and sweets that's quite some feat.


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